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Atelier Digital : Wechat for businesses by le Wagon - Workshop1 : Wechat Official Account Management

Le 30 janvier 2018
De 9h00 à 11h00

Cozy Wine Bar
97, Wukang lu (near Wuyuan lu)
Contact : Marie-Alix Giraud
Téléphone : 186 2176 4057

Dive into the Wechat ecosystem and learn how to manage an official account communications, CRM, commerce...

In this series of 2 workshops, you will access the Wechat back-end and edit it like major players do!; You will have a full picture of how to use Wechat for your business.

Workshop 1 (january 30)

- Wechat environnement

- What brands do on Wechat ?

- Wechat official account management (hands-on)


Workshop 2 (january 31)

- Wechat commerce : options and best practices

- Wechat mini programs : what they are, how to get started



L'ensemble des ateliers proposés par Le Wagon seront dispensés en anglais.

Les Workshops 1 et 2 peuvent être suivis indépendamment l'un de l'autre.

Le tarif est suceptible d'être revu à la baisse en fonction du nombre d'inscrits à l'atelier.


Who are Le Wagon :

Founded in Paris, 2013
2000+ alumni network
150 expert mentors
25 Wagons Worldwide and rapidly growing : Paris, London, Brussels, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Copenhagen, Sao Paulo, Beirut, Tokyo, Sydney, Casablanca, Shanghai, Recife...

Le Wagon bring technical skills to creative people !

 Le Wagon is a very product-driven bootcamp teaching Javascript, Ruby on Rails, Wechat, HTML & CSS, APIs, Github...among other things.
The program brings coding skills to creative entrepreneurs to make them able to build their own application, find a job in the tech industry (as junior developer or product manager) and colaborate efficiently with their future dev team.

It's also a great tech community for life, with more than 2000+ talented alumni within 25+ cities worldwide that keep sharing tips, resources, job & freelance opportunities and learning together after the 2-month bootcamp.